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Jet Market - Perdition (2008)

Jet Market - Perdition (2008)

Género:FAST Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:24Mb

Lista de Temas:

01. Perdition
02. Modern Kings Of The Earth
03. Years Are Made Of Seconds
04. Brainwashed, Armed And Ready To Go
05. Labeled And Persecuted
06. The One You Pet, The One You Eat
07. No Fate But What We Make
08. The Joy Of Cooking A Fascist Major
09. Life Goes On
10. Unintentional Connivance
11. Love Your Dog
12. Devil's Dung
13. Inner Rape
14. Don't Call This Democracy

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Hey hey...long time no speak!
How's everybody doing? Here are some news from JM family:
We proudly announce we almost finished recording our new album "Perdition" that is going to be out in October. It's been really intense...but we can consider ourselves pretty satisfied, in the end things seemed to work out really fine!
Crazy hot summer, some of us went out for vacation, someone still has to, someone touring with other bands, someone still working, but finally we made it.
So, "Perdition" release show is going to be on 5th October at Traffic, in our hometown, Rome. That day will also be Jet Market's 10 years anniversary! Another good reason not to miss the show! We are preparing some crazy stuff for the show, you'll see ;-)
By the way, we're going to have a couple of gigs around in the next months, before the release show, hope to see you there!

stay hot, stay punk, stay tuned

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