domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008

Phinius Gage - Seek Out Your Foes And Make Them Sorry 2007

Phinius Gage - Seek Out Your Foes...

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Battered & Bruised
2. Mary F*ing Kelly
3. Seek Out Your Foes
4. Lead Us Into Temptation
5. You Probably Think This Song Is About You And You’re Right
6. Stop Looking Up
7. Behnind Darkness You’ve No Light
8. Traffic Lights Party
9. The Young And The Restless
10 Provocation Song
11. What Don’t You Ask Yourself Why?
12. My Eyes Bled Colours

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This is the best record Phinius Gage have ever written - by a distance - and is one of the best UK punk rock records released this year. It's fast, frenetic, melodic...all that good stuff.
Here you get the mainland europe version of the brand new full lenght by brighton hardcorepunks Phinius Gage.

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