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Género: Hc Punk
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Tamaño del archivo:5Mb

Lista de Temas:

1º the quittler
2º People in America
3º What happened to Bruce, Eddie and Paul ?

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miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT - I Think We Better Split Up (2009)

STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT - I Think We Better Split Up

Género: SkatePunk / PopPunk
Tamaño del archivo:Mb
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Lista de Temas:

01. Homo Oeconomicus
02. Stuck in reverse
03. Anthropocentrism rocks
04. Resistance
05. We wear the mask
06. Call this song as you wish...

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STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT started out back in 2001, mainly influenced by 90’s Swedish and Californian movements. By mixing pure melodic, fast, technical efficient Punk Rock and various pop, rock alternative, death or heavy metal, the Frenchies offer a wide range of explosive songs with various tones and real unique shades, combined to past and current personal experiences, political activist and anti-globalization lyrics. After a couple of demos, a first self-produced EP in 2003, and encouraged by outgrowing audience at shows, STO enters ALLPROD Studio (Eths, The more I see, Freygolo, Forus …) in October 2005, to record its first album. Graham CHURCHILL, at that timing drumming for Belvedere, comes over to track drums for the 13 songs of “Dawn of a New Hope”, released on the Japanese up growing Label “Bells On Records” in July 2006. From that day on, STO starts getting renowned as one of the new Top Gun European Melodic Punk Rock bands, by playing countless powerful shows through Two successful European TOURS including more than 80 shows, supported by bands such as The Indecision Alarm, Enemy Alliance, High Five Drive, Chief, PMX, Giving Chase, Easy Way to name a few… Straighten Things Out enters KALLAGHAN Studio in May 2008 and records the six tunes for the longed-for EP “I think we better split up” (Co-produced by Kal MASSABO). This new EP allies powerful Melodic Punk Rock to more alternative catchy and poppy pushy tunes, giving the band a new range of shades and tones, and bringing it a brand new dimension. After a few changes made in the line-up, Straighten Things Out will be back on tour across Europe between February and May 2009 supporting NO USE FOR A NAME, THIS IS A STANDOFF and MUTE to promote the new material, that's coming out on January, 21st. The band's already working hard on upcoming Tour Schedules (Western Europe, Canada/USA, Japan), and already looking into a new full-length that should be recorded late 2009…

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Defying Control - Reflection 2007

Defying Control - Reflection

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:Mb

Lista de Temas:

1º The era of no revolution
2º Strength in you
3º Reflection
4º In acceot defeat
5º In the midlle of life
6º Progressing in circles
7º Back into the woods
8º Turn it off
9º Moments of inspiration
10º Hey let's Skate

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Defying Control - Stories Of Hope & Mayhem 2009

Defying Control - Stories Of Hope & Mayhem

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:71Mb
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Lista de Temas:

1. Stories Of Hope And Mayhem
2. Say What You Think
3. Leap Of Faith
4. Saviour
5. My Country
6. The World's Down Fall
7. First Melody
8. New Beginning
9. King Or A Fool
10. To The Bone
11. Lost Life
12. Image Of Reality
13. Blessed

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Defying Control is born from a passion that both Killer (singer/bass player) and Xico (guitar) had for punk rock music! These two founders of the band grew up listening to amazing bands such as NOFX, Bad Religion or Ramones. In 2003 they got together in a punk rock band which, in 2005, gave birth to Defying Control.