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Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:70Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Black Horse 3:21
2. All The Seconds In A Century 3:10
3. Avogado Communication 3:48
4. A Brand New Day (Charlie B) 2:57
5. Perfect Summer 3:15
6. The One 3:19
7. Sweet Manhattan 3:11
8. West Jesus 3:32
9. Richard Got A Blue Volvo 2:50
10. Flags Of Karma 2:15
11. Johnny Dellamore 3:01
12. Steps 3:27

Bajar MediaFire

The ARGETTI experience start 4 years ago when 3 of 4 actual members mixed their musical background to create this punk-rock band. In the January of 2004 the actual line-up has been finally completed and ready to work hard on their musical approach. Their sound and attitude could be named like a mix of Ramones and Clash style with the 90’s emo and hardcore influences (At the drive in, Get up kids, refused, Texas is the reason, Fugazi, Hot Water Music and Lifetime). After a DIY demo, the band released their debut album in the autumn of 2005 titled “In my shoes”, supported and distribuited by the historical italian indipendent label GOOD WILL RECORDS. During these years ARGETTI played several times around Italy and Europe (Slovenia, Cezh Republic, Austria, Greece, Germany) solding out the first 1000 copies of “In my shoes” and supporting some of the best punk-rock italian bands, like THE RITUALS (Wynona Records), SETTLEFISH (Deep-elm Records), DUFRESNE (V2 Records) and FORTY WINKS (Wynona Records). From these shows and life fragments they captured the basical ideas for the new un-coming album titled “FLAGS OF KARMA”

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