domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall (Acoustic Bonus CD) - 2009

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall (Acoustic Bonus CD)

Género: Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 41Mb

Lista de Temas:

01. East Bay Night ( 2:07)
02. L.A. River ( 2:43)
03. I Ain't Worried ( 2:44)
04. This Place ( 1:03)
05. Disconnected ( 1:53)
06. Liberty And Freedom ( 3:04)
07. Dominoes Fall ( 2:54)
08. New Orleans ( 2:48)
09. You Want It, You Got It ( 2:12)
10. Outgunned ( 2:16)
11. The Bravest Kids ( 1:34)
12. Last One To Die ( 2:18)

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martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Nada Que Hacer - Punto Impropio (2009)

Nada Que Hacer - Punto Impropio

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:78Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Un día más normal
2. En soledad
3. Un minuto más
4. Chau
5. Una razón
6. Yo
7. Bajo la Cruz del Sur
8. Nuevas historias
9. Ciudad gris
10. Otra vez
11. Creer
12. Resistir
13. Como un ángel
14. Para siempre
15. Esperanza

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Punto Impropio contiene 15 nuevos temas, que si bien mantienen la identidad de la banda, tambien muestran un sonido renovado y una evolucion a nivel compositivo y de interpretacion. La produccion artistica estuvo a cargo de Nicolas Souto (Buitres) y NadaQueHacer.
La distribucion del disco sera por primera vez a traves de internet y de forma gratuita.
El disco tendra tambien una edicion en formato CD mas adelante este año, y es el quinto disco oficial de la banda.

domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall (2009)

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall

Género: Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 42Mb

Lista de Temas:

01. East Bay Night
02. This Place
03. Up To No Good
04. Last One To Die
05. Disconnected
06. I Ain't Worried
07. Damnation
08. New Orleans
09. Civilian Ways
10. The Bravest Kids
11. Skull City
12. L.A. River
13. Lulu
14. Dominoes Fall
15. Liberty and Freedom
16. You Want It, You Got It
17. Locomotive
18. That's Just The Way It Is Now
19. The Highway

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The good music save our soul

viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

Fire At Will - The Enemy Of Progress (2007)

Fire At Will - The Enemy Of Progress

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Chasing The Sun
2. Hope
3. This Wall
4. Forever Fades To Grey
5. Brick By Brick (Demo)

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Another band whith the same name jejeje

Fire At Will, a four piece guitar driven melodic hardcore band from Orlando Florida; puts forth explosive vocals over metal guitars and soild rythms. The guys have been writing togther since 1999. Formally known as Side Out, the guys have had a full length released both in the US and in Brazil, as well as playing with acts such as Yellowcard, Authority Zero, The Lawerence Arms, and The Vans Wraped Tour.

Nanas Revenge - Man down (2008)

Nanas Revenge - Man down

Género: Hardcore Melodico
Tamaño del archivo: 35Mb

Lista de Temas:

01 - A Foot In The Door
02 - We Can Change It
03 - Major Tom
04 - Rigor Mortis
05 - Home And Away
06 - I Never Knew
07 - Another Way

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Recently signed, the hard hitting live performance of the 4 piece band Nanas Revenge continues to make a defined impact on many different audiences around the UK. The music being influenced by bands such as NOFX, RX Bandits, Thrice, Strung Out, and Propagandhi give Nanas Revenge the diversity to create original and powerful songs, rich with the elements of several other music genres. A long list of previous and future gigs has given Nanas Revenge a well of experience to draw their live performance from. All these elements have contributed to an overwhelming music ethos which is demonstrated time and time again on stage and in the studio. Being independent hasn't held Nanas Revenge back although the correct help in gaining exposure would easily allow Nanas Revenge to dent today's music industry.

Fire At Will - Today is mine (2007)

Fire At Will - Today is mine

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 35Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Less Talk, More Rock
2. Crossed Words
3. Thick Models
4. Interlude
5. The Sound Of Your Silence
6. Selling Out

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They are from France and play old school hardcore. Some of the members are also involved in other bands such as xUp Rightsx, Nowhere Fast and Backsight if that should make you any wiser.

The Faction - Collection 1982-1985 (2001)

The Faction - Collection

Género: SkatePunk
Tamaño del archivo: 76Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. tongue like a battering ram
2. friends and enemies
3. the kids are the future
4.dark room
5. being watched
6. corpse in disguise
7. let's go get cokes
8. why save the whales
9. yesterday is gone
10.100 years war
11.i decide for me food diet
13.california dreamin' (the mamas and the papas)
14.lost in space 101
16.skate and destroy
18.boredom awaits
19.your generation (generation x)
20.not mine
21.bullets are faster than words
22.since i was a kid
23.pegged for life
24.skate harrassment (live)
25.spineless majority (live)
26.beyond the mirror
27.demons (live)

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The Faction was a hardcore punk rock band from Halloween 1982 until Halloween 1985. Coming from the heart of the Northern California skateboard scene, (San Jose, numbskull: if you though I was talking Frisco, you're wrong!) the band was one of the original "Skate Rock" bands whose music and lifestyle tastes centered on skateboarding and punk rock.

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

Bulldog - Repolucion (2009)

Bulldog - Repolucion

Género: PunkRock
Tamaño del archivo: 75Mb

Lista de Temas:

01. Inmortalizar Mi Canto
02. Sueños De Libertad
03. El Secreto
04. El Tiempo Y Las Circunstancias
05. Vivir En Paz
06. Mi Lugar
07. Todo Me Sale Mal
08. Mi Razon Y Mi Existir
09. Magico Interior
10. Triste Corazon
11. Tarde Para Recapacitar
12. El Artista
13. Momentos
14. Un Final Feliz
15. Voy A Incendiarlo

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“…….Mil, mil discusiones vas a presenciar ….pero son todas efímeras, huecas …..muy ajenas a la realidad” ………….
“……No invadan los oídos del pueblo con una mierda de ficción negando verdades ocultas a jóvenes del reggaeton….”

Estos son algunos de los fragmentos de las 14 canciones que componen “ REPOLUCION” el nuevo disco de BULLDOG, 7mo álbum de estudio y 10mo en la discográfia de la banda. Grabado íntegramente en las sierras cordobesas y bajo la producción Artística de Mariano Martínez (guitarra y voz de Attaque77), un disco que en todas sus canciones irradia energía, optimismo y despliega sentimientos, una característica marca registrada del combo rockero que sigue buscando la perfección en sus canciones y se prepara para llegar a los mas recónditos rincones del país como de distintos lugares del mundo donde son bien acogidos desde hace mucho tiempo. 20 años en la carretera quedan reflejados en un disco amplio.

Bulldog muestra en Repolucion que tiene los oídos bien abiertos y escuchan muchas nuevas músicas como actores activos de la escena rockera que son.
En este disco todo ha ido más rápido y fluido, lo que se traduce en la naturalidad con la que transitan entre la potencia y la rapidez o cuando el medio tiempo empieza a jugar.

Repolucion es Bulldog en estado puro, sin disfraces modernistas. Para seguir con su crecimiento constante de perseverancia y convocatoria sostenida a través de los años.

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

Hope - Live At The Paramount (2008)

Hope - Live At The Paramount

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 65Mb

Lista de Temas:

1 For The Last 3 Years
2 Raelienation
3 Not Again
4 Almost Like
5 Scared To Fly
6 Online
7 Mostly Filled WithClick to listen to this song
8 I Don't Want To Change The World
9 Squid
10 Lungs Back
11 Legohead
12 Lemon
13 Burrell-esque
14 Good Housekeeping
15 Number 24
16 Downer
17 Renovations

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Hope returns with a "new" album(of sorts). This live disc was recorded in their hometown in front of a couple hundred screaming fans. Tracks spanning from It's Not My Fault You're Ugly right up till their spilt 7 inch that is coming out early next year. This is a must for any Hope fan.

Bedtime For Charlie - Winning Is For Losers (2007)

Bedtime For Charlie - Winning Is For Losers

Género: HcMelodic
Tamaño del archivo: 65Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Man On Mars
2. New Shoes
3. Blackest Cup Of Coffee
4. I Don't Wanna Be Like Me
5. Castor Troy
6. Deception Comes Quick As A Punch In The Face
7. Excuse Me, Drop Dead
8. The Sound Of Silence
9. Apologies From An Asshole
10. Airband
11. The Worst Something Since...Whenever
12. Good Luck
13. Clean Cut
14. Not Your Average Outro

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Bedtime for Charlie come from Rome and play a powerful and very melodic hardcore inspired principally by the Californian school.

Abandin All Hope - Victims Of A Mockery (2008)

Abandin All Hope - Victims Of A Mockery

Género: Ska/Punk/Pop
Tamaño del archivo: 55Mb

Lista de Temas:

1 The One
2 Land E-scape
3 Flowers And Plants
4 Growin Up
5 So Not In The Mood
6 Above And Beyond
7 Best Time Of My Life Again
8 LassoClick to listen to this song
9 Postpone The Day
10 Cheers
11 Liars And Deceivers
12 Friday
13 Procrastination Song
14 Pack All Your Shit
15 Good 'ol Country Tune

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Hailing from the barren oil fields that cover Northern Canada, Abandinallhope has been steadily conquering the western frontier. The band maintains and respects the ground work layed by their predecessors, while breaking away from the traditional lyrical content normally comprised of romances and heartbreak.
Abandinallhope passionately and purposefully pushes onward consistently creating music and performing memorable live shows that will always be progressively better than the last.

Elvis Jackson - Against The Gravity (2009)

Elvis Jackson - Against The Gravity

Género: SKAPunk
Tamaño del archivo:Mb

Lista de Temas:

1 Against The Gravity (2:49)
2 Wake Me Up! (2:48)
3 Sweet Perfection (1:51)
4 Dry Your Tears (4:15)
5 Breaking The Silence (3:12)
6 Not Here To Pray (3:15)
7 This Time (4:02)
8 Street 45 (3:47)
9 Salvation (2:50)
10 A Glass Of Tequila (0:54)
11 The Burned Out Flame (2:10)
12 Boyz And Girlz (4:01)
13 What Took You So Long (7:19)

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Elvis Jackson are an altogether special rock group that has developed its own musical expression over a decade through the help of ska, punk, hard core, reggae and metal influences (Bad Brains, Slayer, Sublime, Beatsteaks, RKL among others). From a band was formed at the end of 1997 and had the first practices two days prior to their first concert, it has evolved into a tight unit of music veterans, famous for their live concerts and positive energy. Spanning a decade of hard work and having already toured across Europe, David Kovšca – Buda (vocals), Boštjan Beltram – Berto (guitar), Erik Makuc – Slavc (bass guitar) and Marko Soršak - Soki (drums) are determined to make an important step forward with their latest album “Against the Gravity”.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Anti-Flag - The People or The Gun (2009)

Anti-Flag - The People or The Gun

Género: Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 50Mb

Lista de Temas:

01 Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.c. (sheep In Shepherd's Clothing)
02 The Economy Is Suffering...let It Die
03 The Gre(a)t Depression
04 We Are The One
05 You Are Fired (take This Job, Ah, Fuck It)
06 This Is The First Night
07 No War Without Warriors (how Do You Sleep)
08 When All The Lights Go Out
09 On Independance Day
10 The Old Guard
11 Hidden Track



domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

This Is A Standoff - Be Disappointed (2009)

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo:Mb
MySpace: MySpace

Lista de Temas:

01. The Light Is Still On Broadmoor
02. Everything We Take
03. Graveyards
04. Days Go By
05. Can't Take Them All
06. Sunrise
07. Face The Sun
08. Five More Minutes
09. This Song Is Recycled
10. Go With Me
11. No Thanks
12. Settling The Score
13. Trails Of White

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After the demise of their former band Belvedere, songwriter/guitarist Steve Rawles and drummer Graham Churchill were set on starting a new project and getting back on the road. After joining forces with Forty Cent Fix’s John Meloche, they gathered in Calgary, Alberta to write songs for their first album. The line-up was soon rounded out by Corey Tapp, bassist of One Shot Left.