lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009

ActionMen - The Game (2008)

ActionMen - The Game

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 53Mb
MySpace: MySpace

Lista de Temas:

1 Boyfriend's Habits (Kazim)
2 About Me
3 Jen S.
4 Everynight
5 Tales from Germany(Mandolino)
6 Fate Vobis
7 Mr. Crepes
8 Fear Of Losin' A Friend
9 O.w.t.s.
10 June Kill
11 Paster Of Muppetts(Mourad)
12 Porn Actor
13 My Inspiration's Gone

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Actionmen, they are five extremely sexy Italians that just love to melt faces off with technical musicianship, speedy beats, and amazing vocal melodies. They are far beyond the premise of being the next big carbon copied, post-hardcore-emo-jock-rock-whatever band that the MTV degenerates are feeding the world. They are the real thing, picking up where mid-90's skate-punk left off and taking in influences of power-metal, jazzy-funk, and pure rock n' roll to give that same world exactly what it needs, a swift kick in the ass onto the dance floor.

Estos pibes estan prendidos fuego!!!

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