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Billy The Kill - Billy I Kill You (2009)

Billy The Kill - Billy I Kill You

Género: Rock/PostHardcore/Screamo
Tamaño del archivo:Mb

Lista de Temas:

1. Intro
2. Flying Fire
3. Billy I Kill You
4. Spit It Back
5. Re: We Need To Talk
6. TV Nation
7. Say Hey
8. Refugee
9. Sayonara
10. Fight Or Fright pt2
11. Discofever

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"From that day on they were unstoppable and tried to write some kickass songs, with all different personal influences mixed in. You'll find some razorsharp metal and heartfelt emocore within their rocksongs. They’ve recorded a 4-song EP ‘From the Ceiling to the Floor’, freely downloadable on the net, which came out in spring 2008. After some good and motivating critics about the EP, they started recording their first full length debut album ‘Billy I Kill You’ during fall and winter 2008. Recently, they released their well anticipated full length on a sold out concert, proving once more to be a very promising and upcoming band. With this astonishing album of great allure, Billy the Kill gained the interest of many organisers and music minded people, taking the band up the next level."

Esta banda es realmente muy buena, hacen un rock con mezcla de posthardcore, screamo y punk.
Cada uno de sus temas esta trabajado de una forma impecable, logrando conseguir un nivel de contundencia y de melodia admirables, tanto para la parte musical como para la voz del cantante que crea matices que van desde gritos increibles hasta armonias impecables.

Realmente les recomiendo que descarguen este disco.

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