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Red Lights Flash - And Time Goes By (2002)

Red Lights Flash - And Time Goes By

Género: Hc Punk
Tamaño del archivo: 35Mb

Lista de Temas:

01 - No Reply
02 - P(owerful) C(hoices)
03 - Unanimous
04 - High Time For Setting Up A Wail
05 - The Red Tape
06 - The Stones Unturned
07 - No Life Assurance
08 - Contaminate The Unison
09 - Implied Warranty
10 - Glorified Servant - A Dedicated Man
11 - Every Single Breath
12 - Lose This Day

Bajar MediaFire

This permanent four-piece from the heart of Europe started off as a punk/hardcore band in 1997 and released their debut album "Stop When..." on the Vienna-based punk label Remedy Records, followed by first touring experiences. With "And Time Goes By", the second full-length in 2002, the band gained the opportunity to release on Householdname Records of London, leading to more touring highlighted by a really successful Anti Flag Europe Tour Support in 2003. As a pleasant result they got sensationally signed by the Anti Flag owned Label A-F Records from Pittsburgh, P.A., USA in 2004 and released their third full-length album “Free” which is still getting consistently terrific response, so it also was licensed in South America by Enemy One Records, Sao Paulo in 2006. Until this day, Red Lights Flash played more than 600 shows all over Europe, including prosperous tour supports for Rise Against, Alexisonfire, Anti Flag and Strike Anywhere as well as headlining tours in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria.

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